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Vassa was a Behemoth that SkekSa the Mariner had been using as a living vessel since at least the early Age of Division. It was briefly sighted by Thriya during her sojourn at Cera-Na, and she described it as resembling a "mound as tall and large as an island, broken with spikes like mountains".[1] The Sifans named the Behemoth constellation "Vassafina" in honor of the creature.[2]

By the late Age of Division, Vassa had disappeared, with skekSa having to sail the seas with a Skeksis-made Dreadnought. After sighting the Mondo Levidian, skekSa christened the creature "Vassa" as well, and swore to tame it as she had her earlier vessel.[3]

In other continuities[]

In the continuity established by the young adult novels, Vassa is still in use by the late Age of Division, and is described as resembling a gargantuan sea turtle that has been converted into a mobile base by the Skeksis. On its scaly side is a dock that is carved into the creature's thick barnacle-covered shell. Further from the dock is a scale that hides a doorway into the interior of Vassa's shell. The passages within contain glass lamps that bathe them in light. SkekSa controls the beast and the interior using a whistle that allows her to open and close the doors she has installed inside. It was said to possess a thorny obsidian shell as large as Omerya-Staba.[4]


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