The Vapra Clan ("VÆ-prah")[1] was a Gelfling clan native to Ha'rar, a mountain village facing Thra's Silver Sea.[2] A proud people, the Vapra were the most cultured of the Gelfling,[3] and had the highest literacy rates. They were also skilled metalworkers, with a taste for both practical and stylistic designs. Their prosperity was due in part to the vast natural resources their mountain home afforded them, as well as their proximity to seaborne trade routes.[4] Vapran members were often called "Silverlings" by other clans, due to the common silver-white color of their hair. [5]

Vapra clan

Vaprans in Ha'rar

After the formation of the Alliance of the Crystal, the Skeksis decreed that the Vapra were to be the dominant Gelfling clan and prime beneficiary of their patronage.[6] This privilege afforded the Vapra the honor of being the first clan to pay tributes to the Skeksis during their annual tithing ceremonies.[3] The rewards of being the ruling clan were however spread very thinly, with most benefits being enjoyed exclusively by the All-Maudra's royal household, at the expense of her constituents.[3][7] By the late Age of Division, many Vapra displayed xenophobic tendencies, to the point of disapproving of mixed-clan couplings.[8]

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In the 2013 press release for the author quest leading to the Dark Crystal young adult novels, the Vapra were described as being experts at camouflage and that the Skeksis prized their essence above all others for its restorative effects, which made the Vapra an important resource.[9]

In designing the Vapra for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Toby Froud gave them the most "ethereal" clothing as befitting their noble status, incorporating more jewelry. Their clothes were colored in a series of light blues, pinks and silver to emphasize their proximity to the sky.[10]

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