The Vapra Clan ("VÆ-prah")[1] was one of several Gelfling clans. They had white hair and fair skin, and their women had gossamer wings. Experts at camouflage, the Vapra could virtually disappear into their surroundings. The Skeksis prized their essence above all others for its restorative effects, which made the Vapra an important resource to the lords of the Castle of the Crystal.[2]

Vapra clan

Vaprans in Ha'rar

They were one of the oldest in Thra and were comparatively more skilled and brighter than other clans. They lived in the cliffs along the northern coast and their capital was Ha'rar. Their leader was All-Maudra Mayrin and members of the clan included her daughters Brea, Tavra and Seladon (who upon the death of All-Maudra Mayrin, was crowned All-Maudra herself), as well as Mira and The Librarian.

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