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The Valley of the urRu, also known as the Valley of the Mystics or Valley of the Standing Stones, was a natural ravine located far from the Castle of the Crystal,[1] situated between Sami Thicket and the Endless Forest.[2]

Once the site of a great river,[2] Aughra erected the first Standing Stones in the Valley to act as sundials during the Age of Innocence.[3] After the Great Division, the urRu settled in the Valley to live in a dream of peace. During the Makrak crisis, the Valley almost became the site of a massacre between the Skeksis and Makraks, which the urRu prevented through their diplomacy.[4]

Storm In The Valley of the urRu

The urRu later remodeled the Valley as a symbol of Thra itself,[5] with urTih arranging the Standing Stones in such a way as to cloak the Valley in a web of positive energy, which hid it from intruders.[6] As a result, the Valley became a place of legend among the Gelfling throughout the Age of Division, with the urRu only being visible as ill-defined silhouettes in daylight hours, though their wailing chants were still audible during the night. Thriya explored the Valley, but was unable to find any trace of its inhabitants. Some Gelfling speculated it to be the location of the Arathim's exile, while others believed it to be the birthplace of the Hunter.[2]

After the Garthim War, the urRu abandoned the Valley in order to reach the Castle and reunite with their Skeksis others.[1] The Valley remained vacant for many trine after, with no Gelfling setting foot there. Kensho sought to turn the Valley into a refuge for Gelfling impoverished by the policies of the Crystalline Eminence or infected with the Darkening.[7]



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