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The urRu gave me many gifts, urYod gave me the measure of all gifts.

UrYod was the urRu's Numerologist and counterpart to skekShod the Treasurer.

He kept track of time by moving stones on strings, and was once close to Aughra, who read his stars in secret. Before the Great Division, his urSkek predecessor aided Aughra with her observatory.[1]

UrYod was considered a beacon of accuracy in a world of inaccuracy, frequently losing himself in his calculations, whose meanings were often unknown to him until their completion. He was a meticulous time keeper, and strove to summarize his findings on portents and omens into digestible pieces for his comrades.[2] After the Garthim War, he taught Jen how to use an octonary abacus, and participated in urSu's funeral by ringing a bell.[3]



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