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Noted for his expertise in archery. Quick of foot. Quick of wit. Of all the Mystics, urVa is the most adept at their powerful four-armed martial arts. If he could be turned to serve us, he would be a powerful tool.

Prepared for his Most Honored Highness
By skekSil the Chamberlain[1]

UrVa was the urRu's Archer, and counterpart to skekMal the Hunter. A skilled archer and martial artist, skekSil expressed hope to Emperor skekSo in using urVa for their own purposes.[1]


We do not get to decide when our part in the song is finished.


At some point after the Great Conjuction, urVa the Archer, who was always considered an outsider amongst his brethren, broke away from his fellow Mystics and went to live on his own in the wilds of Thra. He wandered the forests, and kept tabs on his counterpart, skekMal.

After the Darkening began to spread, urVa summoned Aughra to him at the Sanctuary Tree via arrow and helped her regain her connection of Thra and hear it's song.[2] However, Aughra warned urVa that his destiny would be a final confrontation with his Skesis counterpart skekMal the Hunter.[3] While he fatally wounded skekMal at the Circle of the Suns,[4] he survived due to Aughra allowing her essence to be transferred into skekMal to renew his life. But this also revived urVa, who for a brief moment glimpsed through skekMal and was for a brief moment was one. Knowing what needed to be done as he fell from the cliff and committed suicide. In doing so he freed Aughra's essence, resurrecting her and ended skekMal's reign of terror.

Other appearances[]

In J.M. Lee's Shadows of the Dark Crystal, urVa was a hermit that lived in the Dark Wood, having separated from his brothers a long time ago. When trying to heal Oyeka-Staba, the Cradle Tree, that served as the keystone of the forest from the effects of darkening, he became trapped. He was eventually rescued by Gelfling travelers Naia and Kylan after Naia was able to dreamfast with the tree to try and discover the source of its pain. UrVa led the Gelflings to his hut to stay the night and would lead them down to the Black River to continue on their journey.

Personality and traits[]

UrVa was a kind, wise and noble individual who lived in harmony with nature and wandered the wilderness of Thra, though he did not share SkekMal's violence and love for the hunt.

He was by far the most active and strong-willed of the Mystics, choosing to live outside the Valley of the Mystics alongside his brethren similar to his counterpart with the other Skeksis and chose sometimes to take an active part in the affairs of Thra such as helping his old friend Aughra to find back the song of Thra or to help the Gelflings against his counterpart. To stop SkekMal and save the Gelfings UrVa was even willing to end his own life.

He also preferred to help others by giving them clues or riddles so they would figure themselves the source or the solution to their problems such as pointing one of his arrows in the ground so Aughra would realize that she needed to reconnect with Thra.

Behind the scenes[]

urVa was concieved after the Age of Resistance crew studied traditions of monks and looked for an activity wouldn't be contrary to the placid nature of the Mystics.[5]

Archery can be the practice of focusing the mind through meditation, and that seemed about as far into martial arts as the Mystics would go.


Olly Taylor recalled that three additional puppeteers in green suits coordinated with him for specialized actions like the drawing of the bow and arrow.[5]



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