Noted for his expertise in archery. Quick of foot. Quick of wit. Of all the Mystics, urVa is the most adept at their powerful four-armed martial arts. If he could be turned to serve us, he would be a powerful tool.

Prepared for his Most Honored Highness
By skekSil the Chamberlain[1]

UrVa was the urRu's Archer, and counterpart to skekMal the Hunter. A skilled archer and martial artist, skekSil expressed hope to Emperor skekSo in using urVa for their own purposes.[1]

Biography Edit

We do not get to decide when our part in the song is finished.

After the Darkening began to spread, urVa summoned Aughra to him via arrow and helped her regain her connection of Thra.[2] However, Aughra warned urVa that his destiny would be a final confrontation with his Skesis counterpart skekMal the Hunter.[3] While he fatally wounded skekMal at the Circle of Suns,[4] he survived due to Aughra allowing her essence to be transferred into skekMal to renew his life. But this also revived urVa as he committed suicide to free Aughra's essence and end skekMal.

Other appearances Edit

In J.M. Lee's Shadows of the Dark Crystal, urVa was a hermit that lived in the Dark Wood, having separated from his brothers a long time ago. When trying to heal Oyeka-Staba, the Cradle Tree, that served as the keystone of the forest from the effects of darkening, he became trapped. He was eventually rescued by Gelfling travelers Naia and Kylan after Naia was able to dreamfast with the tree to try and discover the source of its pain. UrVa lead the Gelflings to his hut to stay the night and would lead them down to the Black River to continue on their journey.

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