Name UrTih
UrTih the Scribe
Race urRu
Occupation Alchemist
Skeksis counterpart SkekTek
Era(s) Great Division
Garthim Wars
Jen's quest
Residence Valley of the urRu

UrTih was the urRu's Alchemist, and counterpart to SkekTek the Scientist. He wore a bandana,[1] and his right front arm and leg were artificial limbs of wood.[2]

He was forever lost in his alchemical experiments, constantly seeking to change the forms of substances. He approached his work with humility, as he knew that he could never create anything that was nature's work.[3] UrTih ultimately never managed to merge with his Skeksis counterpart, having suffered an untimely death when SkekTek fell to a fiery death in the Chamber of Life.[2]


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