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The Alchemist is very powerful indeed and has become lost in his experimentations. He seeks to change the forms of solids into liquids and liquids into solids. Who knows what could be possible if we could harness his power…

Prepared for his Most Honored Highness
By skekSil the Chamberlain[1]

UrTih was the urRu's Alchemist, and counterpart to skekTek the Scientist.

He wore a bandana,[2] was blind in one eye[3] and his right front arm and leg were artificial limbs of wood,[4] which he fitted onto himself after their loss through the physical mutilations suffered by his Skeksis counterpart.[3]

He was forever lost in his alchemical experiments, constantly seeking to change the forms of substances. He approached his work with humility, as he knew that he could never create anything that was nature's work.[5] He was also responsible for arranging the Standing Stones to form a web of protective energy around the Valley.[6]

UrTih ultimately never managed to merge with his Skeksis counterpart, having died alongside his Skeksis other when the latter was killed in the Chamber of Life.[4]



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