UrSu the Master chose death that the balance of urRu and Skeksis might be broken. Wise was he always and subtle in meditation beyond understanding.


UrSu was the urRu's Master and counterpart to skekSo the Emperor.

Shortly after the Great Division, he refused Raunip's pleas to stop the Skeksis from going to war with the Makraks, declaring that it was not the urRu's place to interfere in Thra's affairs. He eventually relented and took part in the peace negotiations which culminated in Raunip guiding the Makraks to the Field of Fire.[2]

During the Garthim War, he adopted Jen after his clan had been destroyed, and raised him for the sole purpose of ending Skeksis rule.[3] When he deemed Jen ready for his task, he allowed his own health to deteriorate, knowing that skekSo would die along with him and send the Skeksis into disarray.[1] Before dying, he charged Jen with going to Aughra's observatory and retrieving the Shard of the Division.[3]



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