UrSu the Master chose death that the balance of urRu and Skeksis might be broken. Wise was he always and subtle in meditation beyond understanding.

The Book of Aughra[1]

UrSu was the urRu's Master and counterpart to skekSo the Emperor.

UrSu saving Jen during the Garthim War

Shortly after the Great Division, he assumed leadership of the urRu and led them to the Valley of the Standing Stones, where he decreed that the urRu would adopt a strictly non-interventionist position in Thra's affairs, unless explicitly called upon by the Crystal. While most of his companions complied, his decision was questioned by others such as urMa, urVa and urGoh, the latter of whom's insistence on taking an active role in toppling the Skeksis Empire led to his banishment.

During the Makrak crisis, he refused Raunip's pleas to stop the Skeksis from going to war with the Makraks, declaring that it was not the urRu's place to interfere. He eventually relented and took part in the peace negotiations which culminated in Raunip guiding the Makraks to the Field of Fire.[2]

During the Garthim War, he adopted Jen after his clan had been destroyed, and raised him for the sole purpose of ending Skeksis rule.[3] Among the lessons he imparted Jen was that of the "shapes of kindness", teaching him that his good deeds, no matter how small, contributed piece by piece to the healing of Thra.[4]

UrSu dying in peace

When he deemed Jen ready for his task, he allowed his health to deteriorate on its own. As his counterpart skekSo had absorbed too much Darkening into his body, it was affecting urSu as well. Knowing that skekSo would die along with him and their death would send the Skeksis into disarray, he ceased all attempts to revert the affects of the Darkening on his own body, ready to die in peace.[1] Before expiring, he charged Jen with going to Aughra's observatory and retrieving the Shard of the Division.[3]

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