Years of botanical study have given the Herbalist a profound understanding of plants. With his special seeds and elixirs, urNol can quickly grow whatever is needed. Stalks hard enough to serve as armor. Reeds with fire-itching spines. Flowers with enchanted spores that confuse the mind.

Prepared for his Most Honored Highness
By skekSil the Chamberlain[1]

UrNol was the urRu's Herbalist, and counterpart to skekNa the Slave Master. He was distinguished by his eye patch and splintered finger.[2] He was a close friend of urAmaj the Cook, and the two of them would attend to the greater and lesser balances of the bodies and spirits of their companions. His medicinal herbs, which he grew in his own gardens, were taken in between meals. Birds' feathers and the mosses and lichens that grew on the Standing Stones were also used in his concoctions.[3]

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