Skilled in the ways of healing, urIm can cure almost any injury or affliction. His amulets and baths restore balance. He is even rumored to know how to restore and reduce the fires of the soul! And it is said that he is the only one to know the art of the death trance.

Prepared for his Most Honored Highness
By skekSil the Chamberlain[1]

Urlm was the urRu's Healer, and counterpart to skekUng the Garthim Master. UrIm could still perceive the corona of the urSkeks flowing in the urRu, though the Great Division had unbalanced it. UrIm sought to restore this balance by using amulets, baths and acupuncture. With his right hands he made patterns in the air to restore the fires of the soul, with his left hands he made patterns in water to reduce them. He neglected all music, save for that of the death trance.[2] Due to skekUng being the new Emperor, UrIm became the leader of the Mystics, though he allows urZah to take charge in their journey back to the castle, which by proxy, makes UngIm the current leader of the remaining UrSkeks.

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