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UrGoh the Wanderer was the Mystic counterpart to skekGra the Conqueror/Heretic.

Biography Edit

During the Makrak raids, urGoh took an active role in giving Podling refugees safe haven in the Valley of the urRu. When the Gelflings, Skeksis and urRu convened to decide the fate of the Makraks, urGoh revealed the existence of the Field of Fire, which he stated would be an ideal home for the creatures.[2]

Some trine later, urGoh received a vision from Thra encouraging him to promote urRu-Skeksis unity. For this, he was shunned by the other urRu and went to live with his Skeksis counterpart, skekGra, in the Circle of the Suns. The two consumed large amounts of urdrupe berries and had a premonition revealing the role of the Gelflings in toppling the Skeksis. The pair found the Shard of the Division and forged the Dual Glaive around it, hoping that it would be wielded by the Gelfling destined to overthrow Skeksis rule. They also created Lore, hiding him underneath the throne room of the Ha'rar royal palace in a chamber containing a message declaring the segregation between the Gelfling Clans as artificial.[1]

Age of Resistance Edit

Waiting at the Circle of the Suns with skekGra, eventually Rian, Brea, Deet, and Hup arrived following the instructions from Lore. After glacially introducing himself, urGoh prepared and carried out a "surprise" theatrical performance for his guests before finally explaining that the Dual Glaive was hidden in the Caves of Grot for the Gelfling to use against the Skeksis. UrGoh gave provisions to his guests as they prepared to leave, but as skekGra made to shake Rian's hand, skekMal threw a knife into it. As skekGra's Mystic counterpart, an identical injury appeared on his own hand, and the pair screamed in twin pain. UrVa the Archer, another Mystic that urGoh recognised, then arrived and drove skekMal away.[1]

UrGoh and skekGra counselled Rian and Deet to retrieve the Glaive and defeat the Skeksis before going after Brea, assuring them that they would look after urVa and Hup. When Rian complained of the distance to Grot, urGoh showed them the entrance to the Breath of Thra, a series of volcanic vents that Deet could use to fly Rian there quickly. UrGoh advised them not to get killed, before bidding them farewell.[3]

UrGoh continued tending to urVa, who was still alive, bound to Thra by Aughra's essence which was given to his Skeksis counterpart, skekMal. Eventually, urVa briefly roused from sleep, which urGoh found exciting. He was not present when urVa killed himself.[4]

Behind the scenes Edit

According to Jeffrey Addiss, urGoh and skekGra were based on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:[5]

We had a strong image of these two; they're trying to look into the future but they're not tapped into Thra, so the way they do that is by doing a large amount of drugs. So we thought of them as very much Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, except one was on uppers and the other was on downers.

Jeffrey Addiss[5]

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