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UrAc was the urRu's Scribe, and counterpart to skekOk the Scroll Keeper.

Aside from composing the urRu's prayers and carving their Prayer Sticks, urAc recorded the thoughts of his comrades on unwound cloth spirals, a process the urRu called "writing in rays of sunlight". Such thoughts would be written linearly in symbolic form, then randomized and regrouped according to the harmonic affinities of the symbols, only to be reintegrated in spiral form.[2]

Unlike his Skeksis other, who filled his writings with blatant lies, urAc would spend hours listening to the recollections of others in order to record their stories in his writings, tapestries and sculptures. He was forever searching for new ways to record the truth, which to him had a more symbolic than factual function.[3]



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