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Two Brothers was a Dousan song that sang of the creation of Oszah-Staba.[1]


Three Brothers chasing clouds across the sky

When two crashed and fell from the heights

Into the crystal sea

One great guardian, big and strong

Two a navigator, rose and wan

Stranded in the crystal sea

They climbed the red mount's highest peak

They strained their arms but could not reach

From the crystal sea

The Third Brother looked down and saw their plight

And sent word to their sisters of the night

The Three Sisters joined their hands and sang

And to their song the crystal rang

Then up from the crystal sea

Sprang forth a crystal tree

The guardian and navigator, brothers two

Climbed the tree as it upward grew

Out of the crystal sea

And when they reached the sky once more

They looked down at the crystal shore

They saw the crystal tree sprung tall

Grown within the Wellspring walls

Tall and proud within the crystal sea

The guardian and the navigator's Wellspring Tree[1]


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