The Trial by Fire tests your will, your strength, and your endurance!

SkekSo, [1]
Trial by Fire

SkekSil engages skekLach in Trial by Fire.

Trial by Fire was a ceremony used by the Skeksis to settle disputes. The contenders would convene to the Castle's Fire Chamber and stand, facing each other, upon two heated slabs. Both contenders would then be handed rocks, with the winner being the one to hold the most without dropping them or falling.[1]

SkekSil the Chamberlain challenged skekLach the Collector to Trial by Fire during the Garthim Wars, in order to prove that the latter had been committing treason against Emperor skekSo by drinking his prized Gelfling essence. The Chamberlain, however, lost the duel, as the Collector's consumption of essence had strengthened him.[1]

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