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Great is the stature of that tree, and great the strength given to all who must climb it; and the winds that clutch and sway its branches can be most fierce, and the view downward dreadful. Between what rocks do the roots of that tree thrust themselves, to what light do its branches rise, what fruit will it bear? All must answer for themselves, each alone.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life was a geometric pattern devised by Aughra before the arrival of the Fallen urSkeks to charter the course of the Three Suns.[2]

The urRu used the Tree as the basis for the design of their coats. The Tree was made up of eleven stations which formed a microcosm of seven aspects of the life of the spirit, which was itself placed in a macrocosm of four elements of the physical world.[3]

The macrocosm consisted of earth, moon, word and love, while the microcosm was made up of sun, warrior, gateway, force, form, self and source. The patterns of the Tree of Life anticipated the events of Jen's quest[3] though Aughra did not not understand this initially[2]; earth represented the death of urSu, moon the awakening of the shard by Jen's flute, love the encounter with Kira, sun the renewal of the quest, warrior the battle between the Garthim and the Landstriders, gateway the Teeth of Skreesh, self Jen's journey through the vaults of the Castle, form the healing of the Crystal, and source the end of all quests.[3]



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