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Young Tortles


Tortles were massive shelled reptiles whose hibernation cycles could last so many trine that entire ecosystems would grow on their carapaces. They occasionally hibernated while resting in the Silver Sea, thus forming floating islands.[1]

Tortles hatched from Podling-sized eggs, which were served in Skeksis feasts baked within pies. During such meals, the still living Tortles would dig their way out of the pastry, only to be eaten alive.[1]

During their search for the Dual Glaive, Ordon and Fara accidentally disturbed a hibernating Tortle, whose awakening caused the two to fall into Grot.[2] Thirty trine later, during a banquet in honor of skekEkt, the Ornamentalist was served a live baby Tortle, which she tortured to death. [3]


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