Tolyn was a Gelfling Castle Guard during the late Age of Division.

Personality and traitsEdit

Unlike the other Castle Guards, Tolyn is very mean and selfish, as he likes looking down on other Gelfling who are undisciplined and treats Rian and his friends like dirt for being immature and annoying.

Biography Edit

Tolyn was respected by Ordon for his adherence to tradition and excellence in guard drills, having been left in charge of the Castle's security when Ordon accompanied skekLach the Collector and skekOk the Scroll-Keeper to Ha'rar.[1]

When Rian was framed by skekSil the Chamberlain for Mira's murder, Tolyn became suspicious of Gurjin, Rian's friend, and questioned his loyalty.[2] Later ordered to escort Aughra from the castle, Tolyn became fearful, remembering stories of Aughra sneezing and crumbling an entire mountain range. Using their fear, Aughra claimed all of the stories to be true, and threatened to do horrible things to him and his compatriot if they didn't let her pass. Frightened of her every move, Tolyn stayed behind and let her go.[3]

Days later a Vapra Paladin informed the castle guards that Rian was telling the truth of the Skeksis crimes, and that skekVar the General had murdered the All-Maudra. The guards decided to rebel against the Skeksis, but not Tolyn, believing the Vapra paladin's mind was infected from dreamfasting with Rian, and so he informed the Skeksis of the guards' revolt.[4] Despite his loyalty to the Skeksis, skekTek the Scientist had the Arathim bring Tolyn to his laboratory to be drained of essence. Horrified to find out the rumors of the Skeksis draining essence was true, Tolyn begged skekTek to free him for his loyalty, only for the Scientist to tell him that his treachery to his fellow Gelfling was worthy of the same fate his fellow guards received for betraying the Skeksis. Tolyn's essence was drained, obliterating his body.[5]

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