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Each trine, the Seven Clans, from the fiercest Stonewood to the lowliest Grottan, - gift unto our generous lords a tithe.

Tithing ceremony

A tithing ceremony at Ha'rar

Tithes were offerings made by the Gelfling Clans to the Skeksis Lords as part of their obligations to the Alliance of the Crystal. The tithes would occur once every three unum, and were among the few occasions in which Gelfling outside of the Castle of the Crystal could physically see a Skeksis.[2]

The tithing ceremony began with an official visit by representatives of the Skeksis Empire to each clan's regional capital, with the Vapra Clan having the honor of being the first to be visited.[1] The process took several days, with a long procession of Gelfling offering the products of their labor, ranging from crops, jewelry to a song.[2] Though it was rarely discussed publicly, doubts as to the purpose of the tithes dated back to at least the early Age of Division, when Thriya speculated that the tithes were merely symbolic gestures intended to show humility to the Skeksis.[2] Many trine later, Brea opined less charitably that they were meant to keep the Gelfling divided and impoverished.[1]

During the late Age of Division, the Darkening created a blight upon Skarith's farmlands, thus greatly reducing the quality of tithes.[3] When a farmer could not give more of his crops to the Skeksis, skekOk expressed an interest in the necklace worn by the farmer's wife, even after learning that it was a family heirloom etched with the final dreamfasting of the farmer's wife's mother. SkekOk feigned hurt at their reluctance to give it as tithe, at which point the crowd began to shout the couple down until All-Maudra Mayrin reminded them that the Skeksis did not take what was not given. The couple, guilted and shamed into obedience, relinquished the necklace, which was later given to All-Maudra Mayrin from the Skeksis. However, the All-Maudra's daughter, Princess Brea anonymously returned the heirloom back to the farmer's wife.[1]


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