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Aughra holding Threader

Aughra holding a Threader

What? You dare try to control Aughra? Aughra can barely control Aughra!

Aughra to a Threader that tried to possess her[1]

Threaders were a subspecies of the Arathim. They were much smaller than their Spitter brethren, being diminutive enough to conceal themselves within the folds of clothing and the cracks of buildings.[2] They differed significantly in build from their more insectile counterparts, exhibiting a radial symmetry with delicate, petal-shaped legs which permitted them to glide for short distances during jumps.[3]

Threaders possessed the parasitic ability to take control of other creatures and incorporate them into the Ascendancy, with the amount of control being imposed being dependent on the Threader's proximity to the host's brain.[3] Being attached to one for more than a day made the attachment permanent, with forceful removal resulting in the deaths of both parasite and host.[3] A Threader could, however, continue living if the host died.[4]

Threader possession

A Threader possessing a Vapran paladin

The Threaders had existed since before the Arathim's eviction from Grot, with Thriya noticing numerous Threader burrows throughout Grot.[5] They had, however been largely forgotten during the late Age of Division, and did not noticeably participate in the Arathim Wars, as both skekVar[1] and Rian,[6] both veterans of past encounters with the Arathim, expressed surprise at learning of their existence and their abilities.

Behind the scenes[]

Threaders were first introduced in J.M. Lee's Song of the Dark Crystal, in which they were originally called Crystal Singers. However, Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews chose to call the creatures “Threaders” in Age of Resistance because they felt that there were too many objects in the franchise with the name "crystal".[7] When asked why the Arathim didn't use the Threaders on the Skeksis, Matthews replied:

In the books, the crystal singers have this ability to hear—they can sort of overhear dreamfasting, because of their connection to the crystal. Because even the spinners, the Arathim, they are creatures of Thra as well. So they all have a connection to the crystal, and that binds all of them together. You remember, the Skeksis are not from Thra. The reason they don’t work on the Skeksis is, one: By the time [the Threaders] emerge, the Arathim were already defeated militarily and morally by the Skeksis. They don’t think to turn on them. And two: Because the Skeksis don’t dreamfast, they don’t have a connection to the crystal. We thought their mind control abilities would work on [the Gelfling] because the positive way to look at mind control is more of a mind-melding. You can’t do that with the Skeksis when they’re not connected to the crystal.


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