Thra, seen from above, with the Three Suns orbiting.

Thra was the world of the Crystal, and native home to the Gelflings and Podlings.



A map of the regions of Thra traversed during Jen's quest, showing the lines of force determining the relationship between each location.

Archeologists studying the Book of Aughra hypothesised that Thra may have been triangular in shape, in line with the indigenous inhabitants' patterns of thought. However, this did not explain the planet's lack of glaciated regions, which would have theoretically formed at the triangle's apexes. It was largely unknown if Thra even rotated. It was orbited by the Three Suns; the Great Sun, the Dying Sun and the Rose Sun.[1]

The knolls beyond the Valley of the urRu were inhabited by large, silvery Gelfling-sized insect-like creatures, which would congregate together on streams and dance. The swamps and pools of Thra were home to aquatic animals such as Nebrie, Myrrhie and Krikkids.[2] Large, dangerous predators included the Rakkida[3] and the Arduff.[4]

The Great Division had a severe effect on the planet's environment and organisms. The Three Suns shone more dimly, and the once verdant Bah-Lem Valley and its surrounding areas were reduced to a barren wasteland, due to the ley-lines of negative energy pulsing from the Dark Crystal. During this period, Aughra noted the appearance of strange new animals, including the golarch, hsilin, yoket khria, vereina, gilyak, cherfas, pbyx, storax, garodemana, khaipokhiu and iosis.[1]


History of Thra

A history of Thra, from the planet's formation, to the end of Jen's quest.

The Age of InnocenceEdit

Shortly after its formation, the rocks and trees of Thra grew restless over their not having the ability to see or speak. In response, Thra created Aughra to be the world's warden and guardian.[1]

The Age of HarmonyEdit

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Nine hundred and ninety-nine and one trine after its formation, the Fallen urSkeks arrived on Thra through the Crystal during the first Great Conjunction. Although the urSkeks desired to return to their homeworld, they could only do so during another Conjunction. Thus, for the next nine hundred and ninety-nine and one trine, they assisted both Aughra and the Gelflings in their technological development, allowing the former to study the movements of astral bodies, and the latter to cross oceans and colonise much of the planet.[4]

The Great DivisionEdit

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When the time came for the urSkeks to return home, the darker halves of their natures prevented them from entering the Crystal. Instead, they were split into two new races; the Skeksis and urRu.[5] The Skeksis took control of the Castle, while the urRu took refuge in the Valley of the Standing Stones.[2] During an argument with Aughra, the Skeksis cracked the Crystal, chipping off a shard, and causing a massive earthquake which devastated the Bah-Lem Valley and destroyed the Podling village of Noy.[5]

The Garthim WarEdit

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The Skeksis and the Gelflings initially developed an amicable relationship, though 800 trine after the Division, the aging Skeksis began to capture Gelflings for their essence. When the Gelfling elders prophesised that one of their own would heal the Crystal and reverse the Division, the Skeksis initiated the Garthim War, aiming to exterminate them all. Although some Gelfling communities did pose resistance,[6] the species was ultimately cut down to a mere two individuals; Jen and Kira.

Jen's questEdit

Castle of the Crystal - Pure

The Castle, after the healing of the Crystal.

Jen's quest to restore the shard to the Crystal began after the death of his urRu master urSu, who instructed him to find Aughra before the Three Suns met again. Jen took the shard from Aughra, and encountered Kira whilst traversing a swamp. The pair rode to the Castle of the Crystal on Landstriders, and reached the Crystal, where they were discovered by the Skeksis. The Skeksis killed Kira, but were unable to stop Jen from healing the Crystal. With the Crystal rendered whole again, the urSkeks resurrected Kira, and departed to their homeworld, leaving the Bah-Lem Valley green and verdant again.[2]


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