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The Librarian was a Gelfling of the Vapra Clan who worked in the Vapran library who lived during the late Age of Division.


The Librarian assisted Brea in her search for knowledge, until after she examined the Skeksis' tithing laws and questioning their morality, the Librarian quickly tried to take his books away from her to prevent her from going down that "path" even as she demanded the truth. Eventually however, there was a struggle, and the book they fought over suddenly pulsed and began to emit a stream of light, frighting the Librarian away and making him fearful for his books.[1]

Having returned, the Librarian apologized to Brea for leaving her alone, but she insisted he help her in her search for answers. Although reluctant, he let slip that she sounds like a Sifan, who would likely have answers. Brea departed to talk to some Sifans, and the Librarian reluctantly followed, having experience with the Sifa from his youth when he sought adventure. However, he was immediately asked to leave by Elder Cadia for his past actions, leaving Brea alone with them.[2]

The Librarian noticed Brea rushing through his library on the way to the palace, but could not understand why she had ran away from the Order of Lesser Service or where she was going in such a hurry. He tried to convince her to stop, but to no avail.[3]

The Librarian was present with Seladon, attending to All-Maudra Mayrin's body. He insisted that the new All-Maudra to carry out the traditional burial rites in order return Mayrin's body to Thra, but was shocked when Seladon refused to extend that courtesy to a "traitor", saying that her body would be burned as an example instead. Horrified, the Librarian cried out "for shame!", to which she responded "for Thra".[4]

When all the fires in Ha'rar shot into the air and relayed Rian's message to rise against the Skeksis, The Librarian saw it[5] and rallied the Vapra to come to Stone-in-the-Wood's aid, leaving the Gelfling victorious in the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood. The Librarian congratulated Rian on a job well done.[6]



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