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The Hunter's Knife was a Spriton song that tells of the way in which the Hunter seperated himself from his heart and left it in the Valley of the urRu[1]


Creeping in the shadow valley, the Hunter walks in pain. His bloodlust overpowers him, his rage he cant contain. Yet even in his breast, a shriveled heart remains.

And so he finds a sharpened rock and fashions him a knife. To stop the bleating of his heart every time he takes a life. To cut away the soul that cannot bear his destiny of strife.

He strikes upon the shadow, wields the knife upon his soul. Crying tears of misery, longing to be un-whole. Then splits away his heart, leaving red a gaping hole

His severed spirit flickers weak, like light within a glass. Pain and sorrow, heart and soul, forevermore outcast. Through a grin of victory, the wicked hunter laughs.

"With this doe, its over now - from pain finally free. From one, two made! All split and rent asunder we. No longer whole, no longer us. Now, its just you and me."

The hunter runs and leaves him there, beating out in pain. Writhing with four wretched arms, miserably left to twain. Howling in the shadow valley, the hunter's heart remains.[1]


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