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The Characters and Their Performers[]

Jen, a Gelfling: Jim Henson
Kira, a Gelfling: Kathryn Mullen
Aughra, keeper of secrets: Frank Oz
Fizzgig, a friendly monster: Dave Goelz

The Skeksis, Masters of the Dark Crystal:

Chamberlain: Frank Oz
General: Dave Goelz
High Priest and emperor: Jim Henson
Scientist: Steve Whitmire
Gourmand: Louise Gold
Ornamentalist: Brian Muehl
Scroll keeper: Bob Payne
Slave master: Mike Quinn
Treasurer: Tim Rose

The Mystics:

Ritual guardian and Dying master: Brian Muehl
Weaver: Jene-Pierre Amiel
Cook: Hugh Spight
Numerologist: Robby Barnett
Herbalist : Swee Lim
Chanter: Simon Williamson
Scribe: Hus Levant
Alchemist: Toby Philpott
Healer: Dave Greenaway, Richard Slaughter

The Landstriders:

Hugh Spight, Swee Lim, Robby Barnett

Additional Performers:

Kiran Shah, Mike Edmonds, Peter Boroughs, Malcolm Dixon, Sadie Corré, Deep Roy, Jack Purvis, Gerald Staddon, Mike Cottrell, John Ghaven, Abbie Jones, Natasha Knight, Lisa Esson

Stunts: Kiran Shah

With the Voices of:[]

Lisa Maxwell, David Buck, Stephen Garlick, Charles Collingwood, Billie Whitelaw, Sean Barrett, Percy Edwards, Brian Muehl, Barry Dennen, Miki Iveria, Michael Kilgarriff, Jerry Nelson, Patrick Monckton, Steve Whitmire, Sue Westerby, Thick Wilson, Joseph O'Conor, John Baddeley

The Production[]

Produced by Jim Henson and Gary Kurtz
Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz
Screenplay by David Odell
Executive Producer: David Lazer
Story by Jim Henson
Conceptual Designer: Brian Froud
Music by Trevor Jones
Production Designer: Harry Lange
Director of Photography: Oswald Morris, B.S.C.
Film Editor: Ralph Kemplen
Associate Producer: Bruce Sharman
Special Visual Effects: Roy Field, B.S.C., Brain Smithies

Supervising Art Director: Charles Bishop
Art Directors: Terry Ackland-Snow, Malcolm Stone, Brian Ackland-Snow
Set Decorator: Peter Young
Operating Cameraman: Derek Browne
Property Master: George Ball
Assistant Director: Dusty Symonds
Associate Producer: Henson Organization Duncan Kenworthy
Continuity: Cheryl Leigh
Choreography and Mime Training: Jean-Pierre Amiel
Second Unit Director: Gary Kurtz
Miniature Effects Director: Brian Smithies
Director Miniature Photography: Paul Wilson
Mechanical Effects Supervisor: Ian Wingrove
Optical Printing Supervisor: Richard Dimbleby
Matte Paintings: Mike Pangrazio, Chris Evans
Sound Editor: Nicholas Stevenson
Music Editors: Michael Clifford, Dina Eaton
Assembly Film Editor: Marcel Durham
Dialogue Editor: Brian Mann
Optical Editorial Coordinator: William Webb
Dialogue Supervisor: Louis Elman
Production Sound: Peter Sutton
Re-Recording: Bill Rowe

Creature Development:

Creature and Costume Design: Brian Froud
Creative Supervisor: Sherry Amott

Creature Design and Fabrication Supervisors:

Gelflings: Wendy Midener
Skeksis: Lyle Conway, Sarah Bradpiece
Mystics: Sherry Amott, Tim Clarke
Garthim: Fred Nihda
Aughra and urSkeks: Lyle Conway
Landstriders: Valerie Charlton
Podlings and Slaves: Sherry Amott
Environmental Creatures: Tim Miller, John Coppinger
Fizzgig: Rollin Krewson

Associate Costume Designers:

Skeksis: Sarah Bradpiece, Steven Gregory
Mystics: Shirley Denny, Diana Mosley
Gelflings and Podlings: Polly Smith, Barbara Davis, Ellis Duncan

Costumers: Val Jones, Lesja Liber
Wardrobe Supervisor: Betty Adamson
Wigs and Hair: Stuart Artingstall

Special Mechanical Design: Leigh Donald
Mystic monk
Skeksis collector
Skeksis spymaster
Skeksis mariner
Skeksis General