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Raunip was the son of Aughra, born before the arrival of the Fallen urSkeks. Like his mother, he was a friend to all the races of Thra, but he differed in that he viewed the arrival of the urSkeks with suspicion. Like his mother, Raunip had a flat nose, a thick mane of hair and a pair of horns. Unlike his mother, he had a thin body, had two, rather than three eyes, and had a tail.

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Jen in the swamp of the Darkened World.

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The Gelfling and their allies will attempt to dazzle your feeble mind with outrageous falsehoods. Tales of a brave Gelfling hero who learned the "truth" and embarked on a dangerous quest to warn their people of our evil nature.
UNTRUE! A complete fabrication.
They wish to tell of grand adventures in the distant past – just one hundred years after the Great Crystal cracked. When the world was still green and good. When the gentle urRu, also known as MYSTICS, were still vital and quick. When many GELFLING lived in seven clans. When we SKEKSIS were still young, strong, and threatening. Oh, those were the days — er, I mean — LIES! DECEPTION!

SkekOk, The Dark Crystal Author Quest: The Gelfling Gathering

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