As Jen, the good Gelfling, find and restore the missing shard of the Great Crystal that will stop the evil Skeksis and their henchmen, the Garthim, from taking over the world. Jen finds help in the female Gelfling, Kira, and her pet ball of fluff, Fizzgig.

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The Dark Crystal was a computer game was based on The Dark Crystal feature film. The game was released in 1982 by Sierra Online, Inc. for the Apple II series computers and DOS 3.3. The game was also later released later on for the Atari 400, 800, 800 XL, and 130 Xe. The game was a complex bitmap-graphics first-person adventure game, written by Roberta Williams.

The plot and events of the game follow that of the film. The Dark Crystal was the first of the numbered hi-res adventures to begin production under the then-new SierraVenture line. It is also the last hi-res adventure to be numbered (#6).

The Apple II version included two 5 1/4" floppy disks, a large manual and a fold-out poster. Both the manual and the poster feature the artwork that was used for the theatrical poster for the film.

You can currently play a remade version of it on the official Dark Crystal website under the subheader Play.


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