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Wish not for treasures you can hold. No gleaming jewels, bright and gold. For finer still than pearl or gold. The treasure of a tale well told.

The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths is a 3-volume, hardbound graphic novel put out by Archaia. It gives the history of the beginnings of Aughra, the Gelfling race, the UrRu and the Skeksis, also introduces us to new characters such as Aughra's son, Raunip, and Gyr and Kel, a pair of Gelflings very much like Jen and Kira. == It centers around the previous Great Conjunction and the cracking of the Crystal that split the UrSkeks into the UrRu and the Skeksis. The books are narrated by a mysterious hooded character, whose identity is revealed to be a much-aged Raunip.





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