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Gelfling job tree (Tactics)

A character’s primary job determines their advancement path, i.e. Soldiers become Paladins or Stone Wardens, Scouts become Trackers or Thieves, and Menders become Adepts or Bramble Sages in the second level of the jobs tree. There are currently 19 jobs in total.

Primary jobs give characters three ability slots for battle and multiple abilities to choose from between battles. Secondary jobs, once unlocked at level five, add two ability slots to use in combat that allows players to choose abilities from that job’s list in addition to the Primary Job’s list.

Job trees[]

The Gelfling job trees are interconnected branches rooted in Soldier (Warrior), Scout (Rogue), and Mender (Healer/Mage). At level five, the character can assign a Secondary Job in addition to the Primary one, allowing a warrior to have healing abilities or an offensive mage with some heavy hitting strikes, etc. But each root also has both secondary and tertiary specialties; for example, once your Scout is Level 10, they can opt for a Thief or Tracker specialty, opening up new skills and strategies. The major tip here is to set those secondary and tertiary Jobs to the character’s Primary slot ASAP, otherwise they won’t level; only the Primary job levels up.

Podlings and Fizzgigs have separate Jobs/skill trees which are more simplified but also more diverse than that of the Gelflings. Podlings can specialize as Bards, Paladins, and the like, while Fizzgigs have a variety of offensive and defensive abilities at their disposal. The interconnected skill tree can be changes on the fly between missions; once you start a battle, you’re locked-in, but even a failed mission will teach you which strategies are best to employ this round.


Bramble Sage[]


Fizzgig Herder[]

Fizzgig Medic[]

Grave Dancer[]




Podling Paladin[]

Potion Master[]



Song Teller[]

Stone Warden[]






  • The information listed in the job infoboxes was originally sourced from Which Job is Right For You?, specifically within the js found here. The job quiz was released January 28, 2020. Because the information is pre-release, it is subject to change.