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Heroes (Tactics)

The main hero is Rian, however the player will have the opportunity to recruit 13 other playable heroes during the course of the game.

During a short tutorial, the hero Deet is used to learn basic movement and combat, and the tutorial continues with Rian and Mira.

Each hero has access to a variety of different jobs which open up various skill trees from which they can choose a set number of attacks, buffs and defensive options to take into battle.

Many of the playable heroes are from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance series, however there are some new faces. Each series character has an iconic job that utilizes the costume from the show instead of the standard costumes worn by other heroes with the same job.


Rian icon

A warrior who initially served the Skeksis. With his background, the Guardian job makes the best sense. Guardians stay on the front lines to protect their allies by soaking up damage and to deal some heavy damage in hand-to-hand combat.


Brea icon

A princess who is far more interested in studying the lore of Thra than her duties as daughter of the All-Maudra, her love of learning makes her the perfect Adept. In the game, Brea uses her vast knowledge to attack enemies from afar with skills that can deal varied types of damage or add stackable debuffs that create interesting combination opportunities for her allies.


Hup icon

A noble Podling Paladin who aspires to protect All-Maudra. Though he’s brave and loyal, he’s still just a Podling, charging headfirst into danger armed with wooden spoons. His fierce spirit (and his Paladin job skills) allows him to distract enemies and support his allies.


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Boggi icon

A Fizzgig who served the scholars in the Library of Ha'rar. Boggi is clever and loyal, leading him to follow Brea on her journey to uncover the truth of the Skeksis. Boggi can only be a Fizzgig Medic, a support character with healing magic and status buffs. Fizzgig's large movement range and quick speed make them very effective at covering a large battlefield effectively.


Wukki icon

A Fizzgig who found his way to the Caves of Grot, living with the Grottan Gelfling as a Nebrie herder. Wukki is excitable and reckless, leaving the podlings who raised him to chase a Darkened Nebrie herd into the Caves of Grot. Wukki can be a Fizzgig Herder, whose quick speed and effective attacks can effectively support the front lines of an attack.