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Each of the seven Gelfling clans lives in a different biome within the world of Thra. Each clan has a unique bonus attribute related to their different environments.

Gelfling Clans of Thra (Tactics)


Dousan Clan (Tactics)

The nomadic Dousan live in the northern Crystal Desert. In order to adapt to a land of frequent sandstorms, the Dousan developed improved Accuracy and Evasion. These bonuses make them formidable front-line fighters.


Drenchen Clan (Tactics)

The Drenchen live in the Swamp of Sog, within an ancient tree known as the Great Smerth. Because they’ve adapted to living in the swamp, the amphibious Drenchen are immune to Poison. This makes Drenchen Gelfling particularly effective against enemy thieves.


Grottan Clan (Tactics)

The Grottan live in the Caves of Grot, where they protect the Sanctuary Tree. As cave dwellers, the Grottan are at home in the dark—a very useful attribute for when opponents try to Blind them.


Sifan Clan (Tactics)

The Sifa live in coastal villages along the Silver Sea. The courageous Sifa deal additional damage while their health is low. Sifan are good to have on your team when healers may not be available, or within range.


Spriton Clan (Tactics)

The Spriton are primarily farmers who live in the southern plains of Thra. The Spriton value the harmony and balance of nature—and this is reflected in Spriton Gelfling as bonuses to both Magic damage and defense. This bonus is very useful for spellcasting characters.


Stonewood Clan (Tactics)

The Stonewood live in the Endless Forest, near the Castle of the Crystal. The Stonewood are among the strongest Gelfling warriors, and are often called upon to act as castle guards. Attacks from members of the Stonewood clan increase Critical Chance. Many jobs can capitalize on this attribute by combining with skills that trigger effects on critical hits.


Vapra Clan (Tactics)

The Vapra live in the mountains along the northern coast. These Gelfling are scholars, crafters, and artisans. Due to their affinity for creating objects, the Vapra get increased stat bonuses from Equipment. Vapran characters are likely to be the best-equipped members of your team.


In addition to Gelfling clans, the podling heroes have their own clan bonuses. Since they are more carefree, podlings take their turns faster and more often than their Gelfling allies.


Fizzgigs, while officially beasts for the purposes of the game, also receive a clan bonus for their ferocity. Fizzgigs can move one additional space on their turn.