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"They told me that I'd never conquer the winds of Raunip's Pass. I can still hear their voices, especially hers. I can feel her presence. The All-Maudra - hm - the former mother. Even though Thra has reclaimed her, I can still feel her dancing around me. Because - Mother, you were the wind. No one really knows my true nature. But I will defeat those who doubt my determination. Who call me reckless. Who see my courage as a weakness. I'll prove them all wrong. Including you, Mother. For I am Mayrin, the newly-crowned All Maudra and protector of Gelfling-kind!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #9 is the ninth issue of the comic book prequel to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It is included in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: The Journey into the Mondo Leviadin.


Mayrin takes her place as the leader of all Gelfling Clans, but she feels unprepared for the great responsibility before her. When whispers of a Gelfling rebellion reach her, she must decide who she can trust — and if she herself is truly worthy of this responsibility.


Mayrin, the newly-crowned All-Maudra, climbs to the top of Raunip's Pass. She recalls others telling her that she would never conquer its winds, including her late mother. Though her mother is dead, Mayrin constantly feels her presence in the knowledge that her own reign as All-Maudra will always be compared to her mother's. As she flies through the pass, she vows to prove all who doubt her wrong and live up to her duties as the protector of Gelfling-kind.

Mayrin returns to the Citadel of Ha'rar, where she is greeted by her advisor Dot'leth, who was her mother's advisor and closest friend. Dot presents her throne, but Mayrin dislikes that it is covered in flowers. Dot reminds her that it is a tradition and all of the previous All-Maudra's thrones were decorated in such a way. Mayrin asks Dot if she reminds her of her mother, and Dot replies that she does not. She states that Mayrin gives her a special kind of anxiety every time they speak, while her mother ruled kindly and bravely and never lost her temper. Mayrin insists that while she misses her mother dearly they must not pretend she was perfect, as she could be cruel and dismissive, even of her own daughter. Mayrin weeps as she places the Living Crown upon her head, stating that when she thinks of her mother she feels lost. Dot comforts her and states that she understands, assuring Mayrin that it is her time new and they must move forward.

Mayrin's counsel enter the throne room, which surprises her as she had not expected a briefing that day, prompting Dot to remind her that the briefings are daily. The counsel advise Mayrin that action must be taken to prevent an uprising by the Sifa Clan, who are questioning her authority. Mayrin knows that they have chosen to do so because they consider her a child and speculates the the elderly Sifan Maudra is not behind it. The counsel confirm her suspicions, informing her that the architect of the rebellion plot is Fenth, a fierce and charismatic advisor to the Sifan Maudra who made a credible claim to the Living Crown many trine ago and was the only male Gelfling ever to do so. He is revered by some and despised by others, with his ferocity being matched only by his passion for his clan. Mayrin asks her counsel what she must do to prevent a rebellion, but they have no plan and were hoping she would have one, as that was how her mother ruled. Frustrated, Mayrin calls the briefing to an end.

Mayrin returns to Raunip's Pass and flies through it once more, but injures herself on a spike and falls to the ground. She leaves and meets with Dot, telling her that she believes the wound to be a reminder from her mother that she will never measure up to her. Dot tells Mayrin that she has watched her fly through Raunip's Pass every day since her mother died and fail to conquer the cliff that her mother could with ease. But every time she has gotten up and tried again, and her refusal to give up is what makes her powerful. Mayrin decides to prove to the Sifan that unlike her mother, she cares about their clan and their culture. She asks Dot to arrange a meeting on neutral ground and ask one of the Skeksis for help.

Mayrin and Dot make their way to the docks of Ha'rar, where a Sifan skiff will taken them to the ship of SkekSa the Mariner, where a parlay will occur on neutral territory. As they walk through the market, Dot suggests that Mayrin buy some treasures of the Vapra Clan to give to the Sifan, who are known to do nothing for free. They reach the skiff, the Scalene Anchor, where Captain Kam'lu commands his crew to load a shipment of Nebrie eggs as he proclaims the dawn of the "Age of Sifans". As they board the ship, Mayrin and Dot present her with the gift, by which he is unimpressed. He tells Mayrin that he was surprised to see her set foot on the docks, as he never heard of her mother doing so and assumed all Vapran Gelfling were the same. Mayrin takes issue with his tone and tells him that she is only there to ensure that he and his clan do not plant the seeds of rebellion throughout Thra. He is angered that she has come aboard his ship demanding respect, stating that he is the captain and therefore the authority. Dot advises them that since it is only a day's journey to SkekSa's ship that they should put their differences aside and be civil with each other. They bitterly part and as Mayrin goes below deck, Kam'lu tells her that he will send someone for her when they arrive, mockingly call her "Maudra" instead of "All-Maudra" as he does.

Mayrin rests below deck and is visited by Dot, who advises her that while Kam'lu is rude and disrespectful, she should not let him get to her. Mayrin wonders how she is supposed to lead him when he knows nothing of her responsibilities does not care about her clan. Dot tells Mayrin that Kam'lu shares none of her fears and anxieties, but assures her that they are strong motivators and will only make her stronger. Mayrin is confused, believing fear to only bring chaos and frustration. She is discouraged, as none of the Sifa on the ship believe in her or want her there. Dot tells her to go updeck and prove that she is their leader and will not be pushed around.

Mayrin takes Dot's advice and meets Kam'lu and his crew on the deck. She learns that Fenth and SkekSa have offered to pay them handsomely for ferrying her to the parlay. Kam'lu tells her that Fenth only wishes to improve the lives of the Sifan, believing them to be the guardians of the waters of the Silver Sea, masters of the tides of Thra and those who will inherit the wisdom of Mother Aughra. Meanwhile, Fenth meets with SkekSa on her ship and thanks her for her generosity and she replies that she is honored to provide a neutral ground for his intriguing discussions. Mayrin asks Kam'lu if Fenth told him all of the things he has just shared with her of if he came up with them himself. He is caught off guard by her question, but she assures him that she believes Fenth has inspired him to be proud to be a Sifan and promises that she does not wish to ruin his pride or confidence, but to convince him that the Gelfing are stronger when united than when divided.

A storm begins, with rain falling and lightning striking despite Kam'lu's earlier promise of clear skies and calm seas. He advises Mayrin to go below deck, as her wings will not be able to navigate a storm. An enormous sea monster emerges from the water and Mayrin tries to alert him to it, but he mistakes it for a childish trick. She punches him in the face and repeats her warning, but it is too late. As the creature tears the ship apart, the Sifan abandon it and attempt to swim to safety. Kam'lu falls into the water and Mayrin dives in after him. She pulls him back to the surface and looks in despair at the wreckage of the ship, believing that she has already failed in her mission.