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"You have taught me the most important thing, Kam'lu - that I am the only one responsible for the path I fly. That we must all chart out own path and that we cannot do that when the dense cloud of grief fogs our vision and that I must be my best self. No matter who it is that I am, I must be myself. Faults and failures and scars and all. Understanding that acceptance is not the same as failure. We must think of the future of our kind."

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #12 is the twelfth issue of the comic book prequel to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It is included in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: The Journey into the Mondo Leviadin.


All-Maudra Mayrin and Kam'lu may have finally escaped the belly of the beast, but their journey is not yet over. From the depths of the Silver Sea, in the bowels of Thra, an ancient enemy emerges, one that threatens to destroy their whole world!


On the Silver Sea, Fenth and Dot'leth reach SkekSa's Dreadnaught. The Mariner welcomes them, referring to her ship as the greatest behemoth in the Silver Sea. Dot counters her, stating that the Mondo Levidian is the greatest Behemoth in the Silver Sea, having destroyed the Scalene Anchor and claimed the lives of All-Maudra Mayrin and Captain Kam'lu. SkekSa states that she has seen no proof that such a creature exists and Fenth backs her up with his own uncertainty. SkekSa instructs Fenth to lead Dot to her chambers to await the start of the meeting and then privately rants about the ambassador's ignorance, claiming that nobody knows the Silver Sea better than her.

To SkekSa's surprise, the Mondo Leviadin reaches the surface. She calls to her crew for all hands on deck and all aboard the ship are shocked to see Mayrin and Kam'lu alive on the creature's back. However, they are being attacked by the Zoa. As the crew prepare to save them, Mayrin and Kam'lu attempt to escape their attackers and reach the Dreadnaught. Utilizing a blast from the Leviadin's porticol, Mayrin grabs hold of Kam'lu and launches them both into the air. As the Zoa pursue them, SkekSa is in awe of the Leviadin and intends to capture it and make use it as her new ship, naming it "Vassa". SkekSa orders her crew to destroy the Zoa so that she may achieve this goal, but Dot angrily points out that she could hit Mayrin. SkekSa resolves to let Mayrin attempt to fly to safety, expressing doubt that she will succeed.

As the Zoa close in on Mayrin and Kam'lu, Mayrin goes into a freefall, leading those aboard the ship to believe that she has been killed. She pulls up just above the water and continues towards the Dreadnaught, but the Zoa catch up to her and strike her. Kam'lu advises her to drop him and though she is reluctant she does so once her urges her to trust him. She then sees the Necrizoa flying towards her.

A swarm of Zoa reach the Dreadnaught and SkekSa announces a change to her plan, as she no longer cares about Gelfling squabbles. Fenth complains that she is breaking their deal and she replies that she is bored of politics and only wishes to capture the Leviadin so that she can be unstoppable and discover new lands that can be named after her. As a Zoa prepares to attack them, Kam'lu drops down and crushes it. He tells them that Mayrin is injured and that they must make room for her to land. SkekSa is angry to learn that he lives despite Fenth's claim that he had perished.

Mayrin, upon seeing that Kam'lu has landed safely, flies down towards the water with the Zoa chasing her. She pulls up just above the water, causing the Zoa to crash into the Leviadin's maw as it surfaces. She reaches the Dreadnaught and is almost attacked from behind by a Zoa, but Kam'lu rushes forward and knocks it off the edge of the ship. Mayrin hugs him and he confesses that she is the most fascinating and difficult Gelfling he has ever met, he loves her. She confesses her love for him and kisses him, after which Dot pushes him out of the way and hugs Mayrin. She gives them both a piece of her mind, but they are glad to see her alive. She informs them that by some miracle the entire crew survived the attack, as though Aughra herself had guided them. Mayrin tells her that something far stranger helped them escape the Leviadin, though she will tell her about it later as they musy defend the Dreadnaught.

The Necrizoa reaches the Dreadnaught and Mayrin informs her that she stands before the united courage of the Vapra Clan and honor of the Sifa Clan. She states that it is an unbreakable Gelfling bond and that they will not allow her to harm their kind. The Necrizoa lets out a battle cry and the Gelfling joins forces with SkekSa against the Zoa invaders. As the battle rages, Fenth attempts to kill Mayrin as she duels with the Necrizoa, hoping that with her death he can lead the Sifans. Kam'lu sees him and blocks his attack, berating him for his treachery and informing him that while he believed his lies before, he now sees him for the poison he truly is and will never follow him again.

As Mayrin continues to fight the Necrizoa, she shows empathy for her and states to she is not one for violence but will resort to it if she must to save her kind. She points out that they are very alike; two queens who will go to any lengths to protect their people. Seeing that Mayrin is right, the Necrizoa honors her request to end the bloodshed and retreats with her troops.

The Gelfling celebrate Mayrin for saving them from the Zoa, but Fenth accuses her of bringing the monsters to them and endangering more lives in one day than her mother did in her entire reign, and asserts that she is too selfish, impulsive and headstrong to lead the Gelfling. Kam'lu tells him that he is wrong, as Mayrin has fought to keep the seven Gelfling Clans together and is willing to save them at all costs. He confesses that like Fenth he mistrusted Mayrin because she was a Vapran, but she has proven over the course of their adventure she has proven herself to be a strong, brave and intelligent leader. He kneels before her and swears to fight for her for the rest of his days.

Mayrin addresses the crowd, affirming that Gelfling are not all the same, which she had not previously known because of the separation between the clans. But rather than driving them apart, the differences between the Gelfling are greater than the sum of their parts, just as the creatures living within the Mondo Leviadin have made it stronger. The Sifan Maudra praises Mayrin for her wisdom and for showing them that love is the answer. She asks what must happen if the Sifans are to leave the clans and Mayrin replies that the seas will weep for the lonely Sifa Clan and the moutains of Ha'rar will shake the bitter Vapran gales, that they must be the shining light of Thra together. She promises them that if they allow her to lead them, she will not rule as her mother did but will fight and bleed for them in both her successes and her failures, so that they may sail the seas as they see for. The Sifan Maudra announces that her clan will stay and the crowd lift Mayrin up in celebration. As the other Gelfling are distracted, SkekSa grabs Fenth and tells him to take a long look at the Silver Sea, for it will be many trine before her sees it again, as SkekTek the Scientist has plans for Gelfling who fail.

Some time later, Mayrin and Kam'lu marry atop Raunip's Pass. Kam'lu comments that it is a beautiful place to wed and Dot states that Mayrin has a painful history with it, as she has tried to conquer it since she was a childling and may now succeed with him by her side. Mayrin shocks them by stating that she will not be flying the pass that day, though it was the only thing she wanted for the ceremony. She clarifies that her mother wanted her to follow in her shadow, but that he has taught her that she is the only one responsible for the path she flies. She has learned that she must be herself, accept her flaws and understand that acceptance is not the same as failure. She states that she will now fly for herself rather than for her mother. Before she takes flight, Mayrin informs Kam'lu that she has chosen a name for their unborn daughter; she will be called "Seladon", after her grandmother.