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"Mother, it seems you have found me here at the ends of the world. Unsure. Scared. Weak. It's so beautiful. The big, whole heart of everything. You brought it to me - strangely, here in this place. And even as we are under siege, in the darkness of Thra, where even the light of the Three Suns has lost us, you're here with me. Bringing light. I must be strong, Mother. I must be stronger than you.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #11 is the eleventh issue of the comic book prequel to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It is included in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: The Journey into the Mondo Levidian.


Shipwrecked and trapped, All-Maudra Mayrin and her guide Kam'Lu are forced to put their trust in the unfamiliar locals. But when All-Maudra Mayrin's past comes back to haunt her, they'll have more than just monsters to worry about!


In the Mondo Levidian, Gunda leads Mayrin and Kam'lu to the gateway of the Toothrakes, which is the fastest path to the portico from Bajula. She explains that it is a wasteland where anything that the creature swallows that the Boblings cannot use ends up, warning them that is a wasteland filled with forgotten things both dead and alive. She advises them to find weapons in case they run into trouble.

In Ha'rar, Mayrin's advisors gather in the Citadel to discourse the action they will take in her absence. They conclude that they must maintain the status quo and the approval of the Skeksis. Fenth enters the Citadel and expresses sorrow over Mayrin and Kam'lu's apparent deaths. He insists that the meeting should go ahead and when the Vapra Clan push for it to be postponed, he refuses. He affirms that the future and autonomy of the Sifa Clan must be secured, with or without Mayrin's involvement. He informs them that he has come to transport a new Vapran representative to SkekSa's ship and asks which of them it will be. Dot'leth enters and Fenth is shocked to learn that she survived the shipwreck. She tells him that she will represent the Vapran in Mayrin's place and honor her wishes to keep the seven Gelfling Clans intact. Fenth replies that it is time to put the wisdom she has acquired in her old age to use.

In the Mondo Levidian, Kam'lu is alarmed when Gunda leads him and Mayrin to an area filled with skeletons. Gunda urges him to be quiet and Mayrin backs her up. Kam'lu is surprised when Mayrin calls him by his nickname, "'lu", as only his friends call him that. Mayrin states that she considers them to be friends after all that they have been through together. They are suddenly attacked by a group of Zoa, creatures descended from the Arathim. They manage to kill all of the Zoa, though Kam'lu is injured when one slashes his leg as he protects Mayrin. Gunda warns that his wound must be cleansed or it will become infected and he will be devoured from the inside by Zoa spawnlings. She treats the wound by pouring fermented Levidian digestive acids on it, which burns him, through Gunda drinks the rest and finds it delicious.

As they continue on, Gunda warns the Gelfling that the Zoa feast at the porticol and have nested since the Boblings' last hunt. She tells them that they must sneak through the tunnels and reach a derelict ship. Mayrin tells Kam'lu that despite everything they have been through, she is glad to have met him. She thanks him for saving her, saying that she is not as strong as she had thought. He replies that they all have their surprises, as he is not as dumb as she had assumed. She tells him that the Vapran elders believe that when someone tells a deep truth, as he just did, Mother Aughra can hear them wherever they are and it brings her back to Thra when she is lost, if only for a moment.

They reach the ship, which Mayrin recognizes as the Hope of Thra, which she rode on as a childling. They enter the ship and find her old room, where Mayrin reminisces about her mother. Kam'lu asks if she was close with her and Mayrin replies that she was reluctant to get too close and resented her mother for always preparing her for her grand responsibility rather than letting her figure it out on her own. In hindsight, she considers that it may have been a good thing. She asks him to promise that if he survives and she does not that he will tell the Gelfling that everything she suffered through was to ensure peace and unity for all Gelfling. He agrees, stating that she has taught him keeping the Gelfling united is the most important thing.

The Necrizoa, a giant Zoa and supreme among their species, attacks them. Mayrin sees that it is embroidered with clothing that belonged to her mother. They run and Gunda vomits a torrent of goo at the Zoa to buy them some time. They reach the porticol, but it is rapidly closing. As the Zoa close in on them, Kam'lu insists that Mayrin leave him behind, as the All-Maudra must survive and his injured leg will only slow them down. Mayrin grabs Kam'lu and Gunda and fighting with all her might against the weight of her soaking wet wings, she flies up towards the porticol. The Zoa take flight and chase after them.

Mayrin flashes back to a day she went with her mother to Raunip's Pass as a childling. Her mother tells her that she must one day take the course, and while she may find it difficult or even impossible, she will know what it means to be the Wind of Thra. She tells her that she must be strong, for if she fails even once Thra will take her. In the present, Mayrin passes through the porticol. Gunda lets go and drops back through it, calling out that she hopes that they enjoyed their visit and invites them to return soon. As the porticol closes behind them, the Gelfling land safely. Kam'lu kneels before Mayrin and declares the he is forever in her debt and will serve her. She tells him to stand up and hugs him once he does. The porticol begins to open again and the Zoa advance on them.