Tavra is a Gelfling princess of the Vapra Clan in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. She is a daughter of All-Maudra Mayrin and the sister of Seladon and Brea.


Tavra pulled strings to allow her sister Brea to attend the tithing ceremony, asking only that she not embarrass her or ask the Skeksis questions. En route however, Tavra found Brea gone, gone to ask the Skeksis a question. Brea ended up falling in front of their carriage and was escorted back to the citadel by skekLach and skekOk, who favored Brea. Tavra nonetheless complained about Brea embarrassing her.[1] Later, as Tavra's mother Mayrin sat in judgment of Brea for wiping Elder Cadia's memory, Mayrin sent Tavra away to assuage the angry Sifans.[2]

Standing at court with Seladon later, Tavra stayed quiet as usual while Seladon complained that she had made the right decision in sending Brea to the Order of Lesser Service. Seladon however became angry when Tavra did not agree or otherwise voice her thoughts, so Tavra cut Seladon to the quick by saying that she was truly angry at their mother Mayrin for not acknowledging the work Seladon does. Tavra then supported Seladon, until she was called off by Mayrin to hunt Rian for allegedly murdering another Vapra Clan member. En route, Tavra found Brea after she ran away from the Order of Lesser Service, and supported her decision, saying that Seladon and Brea are alike in their stubbornness but that their sisterly bond could never be broken. Tavra then continued on.[3]

Tavra caught up with Rian in a Podling bar held at sword-point by Naia, and went to prevent Naia from taking her. They both began to argue, with Naia saying she had permission from Maudra Laesid and Tavra saying she had permission from All-Maudra Mayrin, until Kylan interrupted their argument to diffuse the situation. The argument began to resurface until Rian brought out the essence of Mira, asking them to dreamfast with him to learn the truth. Tavra initially declined, fearing the "madness" Rian might spread, but when Kylan agreed to it, she acquiesced, saying her mother would want to know the whole truth. They dreamfast together, realize the truth, and Tavra pledges to overthrow the Skeksis, going with Naia to help her free Gurjin.[4]



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