Tae was a Sifa Gelfling introduced in the J.M. Lee's young adult novel Tides of the Dark Crystal. She was Maudra Ethri’s first-mate and second in command, and a childhood friend of Ethri’s and Onica’s. When Tae and Onica were young, Onica had a Far-Dream that Tae would meet a Gelfling with whom she would be joined near the coasts of Ha’rar:

A sun and a moon would eclipse over a storm at sea. In the dream, Tae was the sun. A silver-haired Vapra was the moon. [...] The reckoning of that eclipse has yet to come.


When the two went searching for that Gelfling, they came across a terrible storm instead. During the storm, Onica lost her wings. Thankfully, the two were saved by Tavra, with whom Onica would later fall in love.

Though Onica’s prophecy did not come to pass during that storm, later when Tae accompanied Naia, Kylan, Tavra, and Amri to light the Fires of Resistance, Tae was badly wounded by the Skeksis Mariner, skekSa. In order to save her, Tavra used her Crystal Singer abilities to control Tae’s body and move her to safety—eclipsing their minds and bodies as foretold in Onica’s Far-Dream.

References Edit

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