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We will rain down on the Skeksis with righteous fury and smite their plague from Thra.

Stonewood battle plan

Stonewood battle plans to take the Castle of the Crystal

The Stonewood Rebellion was a brief insurrection of the Stonewood Clan against the Skeksis and All-Maudra Seladon. Unlike the later Gelfling resistance, which sought to unite the Gelfling Clans and promote survival rather than direct conflict, the primary goal of the rebellion was to forcefully depose the Skeksis and elevate the Stonewood to the supremacy once enjoyed by the Vapra Clan.


The rebellion originated when Vapran paladins, previously imprisoned by the Skeksis, dreamfasted with the Gelfling of Stone-in-the-Wood and shared Rian's message that the Skeksis intended to harvest them for their essence. The Stonewood Clan was quick to renounce its former masters, and drove out skekSil from the city.[2]

The message reached Maudra Fara, who also learned of the murder of All-Maudra Mayrin. When summoned to Ha'rar to return her piece of the Living Crown to princess Seladon, Fara withheld her blessing and challenged Seladon to Trial by Air, hoping to claim the title of All-Maudra for herself and lead the Stonewood in battle against the Skeksis.[2]

After losing to Seladon in single combat, Fara returned to Stone-in-the-Wood and gathered her troops to storm the Castle of the Crystal, hoping that the castle guards would join them. The plan suffered a setback when a defecting guard warned her that the uprising in the castle had been quashed. Aughra attempted to dissuade Fara from going to war, insisting that she focus on ensuring the survival of her clan, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.[1]

The rebellion was ultimately crushed when skekVar entered Stone-in-the-Wood with an army of Threaders who took over a large number of Stonewood Gelfling, including Fara herself.[1]


Seladon hoped to one day restore the now deserted Stone-in-the-Wood to its former glory, but feared that the rebellion had put the Alliance of the Crystal at risk. Her pleas for clemency for the Stonewood prisoners to the Skeksis were ultimately rebuffed and she subsequently joined the Gelfling resistance.[3]

The Arathim were rewarded for their service by being given back their ancestral home of Grot, unaware that the caves had been infected by the Darkening. This betrayal lead to the Arathim deserting the Skeksis and allying themselves with the Gelfling.[3]