Stone-in-the-Wood was a Gelfling settlement in the Dark Wood that was home to the Stonewood Clan and the birthplace of the legendary figure Jarra-Jen.

The second largest Gelfling village in Thra, Stone-in-the-Wood is named for the mounds of boulder and stone that the Gelfling have built their homes into, though other homes are built within the trees. At the top of the rock mound are dream-etchings recording the history and legends of the Stonewoods.[1]

In the centre of the village stood a tall cylindrical forge called The Crucible where The Stonewood Soldiers placed their weapons after each battle to be melted down believing that once a battle was over they should discard aggression to help those that were injured.

Stone-in-the-Wood was the site of multiple battles in the early Gelfling resistance against the Skeksis, with an early Gelfling strategic victory taking place there.

References Edit

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