Staya was a Sifa ship captain. He had some Drenchen ancestry, as the Sifa clan allows other clans to join theirs. He sailed to Cere'Na per Maudra Ethri's summons. Suspicious of Ethri, he invited Tae over for a drink and put zandir, a truth dust, in her necterwine. By doing this, he discovered Maurda Ethri and Tae's plans to sail away from Thra with skekSa. Afterwards, when Naia, Kylan, Amri, Ethri, and skekSa discovered that Tae was drugged, they correctly guessed that Staya was to blame. He confessed to what he had done, not realizing that zandir and sogflower, which is used to make Drenchen necterwine, causes dangerous effects.
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