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Though I am myself of stone, though I have traced in my heart the spirals of the turning heavens, yet my knowledge is nothing to the wisdom that stands in the stones of the urRu, less than the shadows of their standing stones.

Standing stones

The Standing Stones during the late Age of Division

The Standing Stones were sandstone formations present in the Valley of the urRu.

They first appeared during the Age of Innocence when summoned by Aughra, who used them as rudimentary sundials to chart the course of the Three Suns and compose the first Tree of Life.[2]

After the Great Division, urTih arranged the Stones in such a way as to provide a web of protective energy to hide the Valley from the Skeksis. By the late Age of Division, the stones had been eroded to a fraction of their original size.[1] Copies of the Standing Stones were erected by urGoh in the Circle of the Suns.[3]



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