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The Song of the Six Sisters was a creation myth of the Gelfling, said to have been authored by the Grottan song teller Sylus. Set during the Age of Innocence, the song told of how the Gelfling originated from six founding matriarchs who were each assigned a nature and divine task by Thra. Thra would then send them forth throughout the world, with each one giving rise to a Gelfling Clan. The song also elaborated on how one clan, the Silver Sea Clan, would split into the Vapra and Grottan Clans.[1]


The song opened with Sylus having a Far-Dream in the Tomb of Relics which prompted him to compose a dream etching in his sleep. Upon awakening, Sylus read out the etching, which began with a description of Thra being empty of Gelfling. Six sisters would then emerge from the ground and were contacted by the Crystal who entrusted them with divine tasks: the Dousan were entrusted with studying the skies, the Sifa the telling of signs, the Stonewood the essence of the hearth, the Spriton the foundation of the earth, the Drenchen the blue flame of life, and the Silver Sea Clan the records of shadow and light. The six sisters then separated and cultivated gardens which grew into the first members of their respective clans. After one hundred days and nights, Thra divided the Silver Sea Clan into Vapra and Grottan, the former keeping records of the light, the second those of shadow, as its original intention had been to create seven rather than six clans.

Known Six Sisters[]


During the early Age of Division, Thriya reported that most Gelfling did not consider the story true, though it was widely believed among the Grottans.[1] The narrative itself contradicted historical accounts demonstrating that the origin of the Gelfling Clans had been a much more recent event brought about by the Skeksis in their attempt to keep the Gelfling divided,[4] with the Grottan Clan in particular having been established as a direct result of Skeksis patronage.


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