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Skeksis alchemical diagram

Alchemical diagram on Nebrie skin parchment with Skeksis annotations, demonstrating a lamentable misunderstanding of its principles

Katakonditzeh tekka!

Aughra insulting the Skeksis in their own language., [1]

The Skeksis language was the native tongue of the Skeksis.

It was ill-suited for describing long, complex processes, as it was restricted to nouns, adjectives and expletives.[2] Because of its limitations, the Skeksis favored Modern Gelfling, which they termed "demotic speech", in everyday parlance, limiting use of their own language for written documents, ritual pronouncements and exclamations.[1]

Few non-Skeksis gained fluency in it, though Gyr was said to have learned it,[3] Thriya claimed to have learned some of it,[4] and Aughra was competent enough in the language to include examples in the Book of Aughra,[2] and could swear proficiently in it.[1]


Words and short phrases[]

  • Aukhra: "Aughra"[1]
  • Bullorkhskaunga: Garthim pits[1]
  • Ekdideothone: An instruction to release a prisoner[1]
  • Haakskeekah: "Trial by Stone"[1]
  • Howtee oo mee Kelffinks!: "This is no Gelfling!"[1]
  • Kakofrontez!: An insult[1]
  • Kakoi: Onomatopeia of the Crystal cracking[1]
  • Kataftheeressthou: Proclamation that someone/something must die[1]
  • Katakonditzeh (tekka): An insult[1]
  • Khavekh, Khavekh, Orkhasstim: Intoned during the Ceremony of the Sun[1]
  • Kelffink(s) (sing.)/Kelffinkim (plu.): "Gelfling"[1]
  • Kelffink cho tenkha: unknown[1]
  • Kelffinks Krakweekah!: A demand to kill a Gelfling[1]
  • Kelffinks makkun kim!: "Find the Gelfling"[1]
  • Khrokon: "Emperor"[1]
  • Klakk smaithh Skwee Kreh!: A warning[1]
  • Na: "to"[1]
  • Pih Tabrokh: An instruction to choose a weapon for a duel[1]
  • Poostitoc?: "Where?"[1]
  • Porroh klet!: An exclamation[1]
  • Rakhash: "Chamber of Life"[1]
  • Svaleros Kelffinks: "Gelfling is/are dangerous"[1]
  • Teen: "catch"/"seize"[1]
  • Vo olk Kelffink ulls?: "Where is the other Gelfling?"[1]

SkekSo's funerary dirge[]

Kekkon, Kekkon, Yazakaide, Akura, Kasdaw.
Hokkvatta skaun Kherron.
Kekkon, Kekkon, Yazakaide, Akura, Teedkug!

Behind the scenes[]

During production of The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson wanted the Skeksis to speak their own language, with their dialogue subtitled in English.[5] The responsibility for composing the language, and what it was based on, differs from source to source. Gary Kurts stated that it was Alan Garner who created it, basing it on Ancient Egyptian,[6] while David Odell claimed responsibility for it, stating that he based it on Indo-European roots. This idea was abandoned after test screening audiences reacted negatively to it.[5]


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