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SkekOk in Carriage with Brea

A Skeksis Carriage

Skeksis Carriages were large two or three wheeled vehicles that the Skeksis used to travel great distances. Their wheels were made up of either a pair or trio of Armalig who acted as the wheels of these vehicles.

Most common were the three Armalig pulled versions, though there existed a variation with a large empty wheel at the rear, for storing items or even prisoners.

Wheel Carriage

The Wheel Variation of the Skeksis Carriage

The Carriages have side doors that can fold open, not unlike the pedals of a flower or close as though they were some sort of living construct. Inside they have seats for up to three Skeksis

The carriages seem to need no driver as the Armaligs seem to know where to go, though through a button, the Skeksis can trigger an electric shock to the Armaligs to either move or stop. Often the Skeksis will announce their destination before moving, suggesting that the Armaligs can understand where to go.

The insides of the carriages are decorated with three elaborate seats as well as rich dark red drapes and curtains with golden ropes and tassels to insulate the Skeksis from the outside.[1][2]



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