Torment was his pleasure, though his urSkeks original had been a healer and continued so in urRu form. Hidden in that tall, shining urSkek was one who, ages later, could find satisfaction in tearing apart the gentle Gelfling.


Name SkekUng
Race Skeksis
Occupation Garthim Master
urRu counterpart urIm
Era(s) Great Division
Garthim War
Jen's quest
Residence Castle of the Crystal
Puppeteer Dave Goelz
Voice Michael Kilgarriff (The Dark Crystal)
Benedict Wong (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance)
Appeared in The Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

SkekUng was the Skeksis' General (later Garthim Master and Emperor), and counterpart to urIm the Healer. He was physically the strongest of the Skeksis after Emperor skekSo, a fact likely due to his ability to assume positions of geometric harmony unusual in the Skeksis.[1] His robes were decked in armour pieces, which rattled as he moved.[2] Unlike the other Skeksis, he had maintained his position ever since the Great Division.

Along with skekTek the Scientist, he was one of the creators of the Garthim, which he took a fierce pride in.[1] SkekUng was part of a political faction consisting of himself, skekTek and skekNa the Slave Master.[2] His hatred of Gelflings ran deep, as he lost many of his beloved Garthim to them during the Garthim War.[3]

When skekSo died, skekUng sought to claim the Skeksis' throne by challenging his greatest rival, skekSil the Chamberlain, to Trial by Stone. His brute strength won him the day, and he had the Chamberlain banished. However, his coronation ceremony was interrupted when the Crystal summoned the Skeksis to the Crystal Chamber, revealing that at least one Gelfling had survived the Garthim Wars, and was heading for Aughra's observatory. SkekUng sent the Garthim after Jen, but they failed in their mission and brought back Aughra instead. His authority weakened, skekUng became suspicious over the loyalty of skekZok the Ritual Master, whose constitutional claim to the throne matched his. His anger was further deepened when he was unable to rejuvinate himself with Podling essence.

When skekSil returned to the Castle with Kira, skekUng was forced to reinstate his former rival, but reasserted his authority by ordering skekTek to drain her essence, in defiance to skekZok's demand for her immediate execution. Unaware of skekTek's death during Kira's subsequent escape, skekUng became increasingly paranoid, planning to execute skekTek and send the Garthim to destroy all life on Thra in order to avoid the Gelfling race suddenly regenerating itself. His plans were foiled, however, when Jen healed the Dark Crystal and reversed the Great Division.[2]



  • The reformed urSkek who had been divided into SkekUng and urIm was the one who addressed Jen and revived Kira.


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