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SkekShod was the Skeksis' Treasurer, and counterpart to urYod the Numerologist.


SkekSo & skekShod

A young skekShod, after being beaten by skekSo

Shortly after the Great Division, skekShod defied skekSo when the latter proclaimed himself Emperor, but was beaten over the head as a result.[1]

A thousand trine later, he was made responsible for the collection of tithes from Sami Thicket. During his sojourn at a Spriton inn, he repeatedly complained about the quality of his swamp water soup, eventually provoking the Podling cook, Hup, to strike him, prompting the village to banish him in order to remain in the Treasurer's favor.[2]

SkekShod, skekZok & skekAyuk

SkekShod encouraging skekZok's imperial ambitions

After the Garthim War, skekShod formed a political alliance with skekZok the Ritual Master and skekAyuk the Gourmand. He supported skekZok in his failed bid to inherit skekSo's mantle as Emperor, and later plotted with him to overthrow the new Emperor, skekUng. His plot never materialized, and he was subsequently merged with his urRu other after Jen healed the Crystal.[3]

He was revived a century later alongside his seven other comrades and urRu counterparts after the Fireling Thurma took a shard from the Crystal in a misguided quest to restore her homeland's dying Mother Sun. He briefly fought against the Royal Guards, but was interrupted by Jen, who took control of the Garthim and had the Skeksis incarcerated.[4] After he was eventually released alongside his comrades by the Crystalline Eminence, he immediately began raiding the offerings left to the Crystal.[5] When Thurma returned with the Shard upon realizing the error of her ways, skekShod was once again merged with his urRu other after she healed the Crystal.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

SkekShod portrait by Brian Froud

SkekShod bearing skekZok's scepter, obtained through bribery

In his youth, skekShod was an outspoken and rebellious individual, who scoffed at the logic behind the Alliance of the Crystal and questioned the very need for a monarchical system of government. Nevertheless, he lacked the courage of his convictions, as he later submitted to skekSo after being beaten by him,[1] and supported skekZok's bid for the throne.[3]

By the late Age of Division, his powers of speech had deteriorated,[7] having developed an audible stutter which caused him to linger on sibilants[2] and repeat monosyllabic words.[8] He was capable of normal speech only when pushed to anger, and thus usually remained silent unless to complain about something or to insult someone.[2] This handicap developed to the point where he eventually could only get his way through bribery rather than dialogue.[7] Finding no pleasure in speaking to others or listening to stories told by more eloquent individuals,[2] skekShod became highly avaricious, keeping track of events through the gifts he received rather than by measuring time,[7] talking to other Skeksis only if they gave him offerings[7] and being easily distracted by jewelry and precious stones.[5]

SkekShod shared his comrades' sense of Skeksis superiority and felt nothing but contempt for the Gelfling. However, skekShod's particularly visceral disdain for them put him at odds with his superiors, as he dismissed the Gelfling's value even as allies.[1] He was also openly derisive of Podlings, considering them to be congenitally stupid and believing that their lack of fluency in Modern Gelfling to be a sign of backwardness. Nevertheless, he was not overly brutal by Skeksis standards, having refrained from retaliating against Hup after being struck by him, and being satisfied at his subsequent banishment rather than demanding a more harsh punishment.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

SkekShod by Brian Froud

Concept art by Brian Froud

The character's pre-production notes described him as the thinnest Skeksis, representing the sin of avarice, and sporting an abacus collar and robes decked with weights, locks, measures and purses. He was further described as testing everything for gold content and of having pupils shaped like pound signs.[9]

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