Why do Gelfling hurt us so? Skeksis give so much and ask so, so little! It breaks our hearts. Sad! So sad!

SkekOk, [1]

SkekOk was the Skeksis' Scroll Keeper, and counterpart to urAc the Scribe.

Personality Edit

SkekOk was the least honest of all the Skeksis, and habitually changed allegiance, re-writing historical accounts to gratify his shifting allies to the point that the truth was soon lost.[2] He was frequently seen vacantly mumbling to himself and had the habit of turning up late to all meetings and falling asleep during them.[3]

He was, nevertheless, skilled at manipulation, feigning to be hurt when a farmer refused to give her family heirloom as a tithe, only to give it to Mayrin, showing that he never really cared for it. While silver-tongued and manipulative like skekSil, skekOk could at times display genuine kindness to others, though laced with barely concealed snobbery. He expressed fascination if creatures other than Skeksis could read and write as he could, and had a liking for Gelfling architecture; although he found Ha'rar to be "malodorous", he considered it part of the charm.

After the dissolution of the Alliance of the Crystal, he dropped all pretenses and showed himself to be perfectly content with being viewed as a monster by the Gelflings, even mocking Brea for not having realized the Skeksis' true nature earlier.

Although he was open about considering his comrades ugly, he seemed to have a real friendship with skekLach and skekEkt, being often seen in their presence and mourning the death of the former, despite their constant bickering, and being comforted by the latter after the Collector's death.

Biography Edit

As skekTek was developing the means of using the Dark Crystal to extract life from others for their essence, skekOk left with skekLach the Collector to Ha'rar for the yearly tithing ceremony. On the way, skekOk invited Brea to accompany them on their carriage upon realizing she was a princess. Despite his condescending tone, skekOk was genuinely impressed with Brea's literacy and shared his love of books with her, boasting that his library was "endless".[1]

Once at All-Maudra Mayrin's court, skekOk assured Brea that he would explain her tardiness to her mother while awkwardly accepting her hug. SkekOk's cruelty eventually showed through when he pretended to be deeply saddened by a poor farmer's refusal to give up an heirloom to compensate for the lack of crops caused by the Darkening, manipulating the other Gelflings into pressuring him into surrendering the item. He later gave the heirloom to Mayrin for her services.[1]

SkekOk eventually returned to the castle, disappointed with the tributes. When Ordon requested mercy for his son Rian, skekOk quickly rejected the idea, saying "no mercy for murderers". He then participated in the punishment ritual for skekTek.[4]

Later luxuriating at the Castle of the Crystal, skekOk was shocked to see Aughra returned. When Aughra's asked why her heart ached and why Thra "cries out in pain", skekOk insinuated that she was simply old, prompting Aughra to insult him for his paunch.[5] At the welcome banquet for skekEkt, skekOk joined in the demand for more essence, having been away in Ha'rar when the first batch was made.[6]

After drinking Gelfling essence, skekOk noticed his eye sight was clear again and told the other Skeksis that he had forgotten how ugly he found them. When skekMal returned with Brea, skekOk locked her in the lab, gloating over her failure to realize he was a monster sooner when she denounced him as such.[7] When skekMal became injured, skekOk urged that they recall other Skeksis to the castle for strength in numbers, naming skekLi specifically. SkekOk also reported the fires rising into the air as a result of the Dual Glaive being reformed, realizing the Gelfling were uniting against them and entering the Crystal Chamber to hear Rian's speech.[8]

Taking part in the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood with the majority of the Skeksis, skekOk used the additional armor weapons built by skekTek to kill Maudra Fara. Fara's fizzgig, Baffi, avenged his owner by biting skekOk's beak and shoulder. After the Skeksis retreated back to the castle, skekOk mourned skekLach's death with skekEkt comforting him.[9]

Years later, during the Third Great Conjunction, skekOk was absorbed by urAc as they returned to their original form, OkAc.

He was revived a century later alongside his seven other comrades and urRu counterparts after the Fireling Thurma took a shard from the Crystal in a misguided quest to restore her homeland's dying Mother Sun. He briefly fought against the Crystal Guards, but was interrupted by Jen, who took control of the Garthim and had the Skeksis incarcerated.[10] After was eventually released alongside his comrades by the Crystalline Eminence.[11] When Thurma returned with the Shard upon realizing the error of her ways, skekOk was once again merged with his urRu other after she healed the Crystal.[12]

Other appearances Edit

In the continuity established by Legends of the Dark Crystal, during skekSil the Chamberlain's rivalry against skekLach the Collector, skekOk overheard one of Chamberlain's plots, but did not intervene.[13]

Behind the scenes Edit

The character's pre-production notes described him as a "professor, librarian, historian, solicitor" who used the written word for power rather than truth. His robes were to incorporate pleated fabric resembling pages, with bookmarks jutting out. He was originally supposed to be able to retract his head into his collar, taking on a pedantic, academic tone when conversing normally, only to babble and cackle when retreating into the collar. The notes further elaborated:[14]

I think this is a valuable character. Possible use for a plot change. Perhaps this is another race?

In The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, the Scroll Keeper was intended to be voiced by a professional voice actor. However, Will Matthews liked Neil Sterenberg's performance so much that he decided not to overdub it.[15]

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