Name SkekNa
Race Skeksis
Occupation Slave Master
urRu counterpart urNol
Era(s) Great Division
Garthim War
Jen's quest
Residence Castle of the Crystal

SkekNa was the Skeksis' Slave Master, and counterpart to urNol the Herbalist. He was in charge of the Skeksis' slaves, and chose promising specimens for the Podling slave choir, claiming to have an ear for music.[1] SkekNa was also in charge of supplying his fellow Skeksis with scraps of food between meals to appease their raving hunger.[2] He was distinguished by his eyepatch and hooked artificial hand.[1]

Along with skekTek the Scientist, skekNa was part of a political faction loyal to skekUng the Garthim Master, whom they both supported in his feud with skekSil the Chamberlain. SkekSil himself held a low opinion of the Slave Mater, considering him lacking in both nobility and imagination. When skekUng ascended to the throne, he considered rewarding the Slave-Master's loyalty by appointing him to the newly created post of Patriarch, which would be a senior rank to that of both Ritual-Master and Chamberlain.[1]


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