I'm a fun Skeksis! Once I was known as skekGra, the Conqueror, but the others cast me out and branded me…Heretic.


SkekGra the Conqueror was a Skeksis whose position previously entailed placing Thra's races under Skeksis rule, before being cast out and labeled the Heretic. His urRu counterpart was urGoh the Wanderer.

Personality Edit

SkekGra used to be an intimidating and imposing warlord who took pleasure in slaughtering his enemies. Once banished and declared a heretic, skekGra became eccentric and erratic, becoming good friends with his urRu counterpart, although he was impatient with urGoh's slow movements and speech. Becoming friendly towards Gelflings, skekGra realised their importance to Thra and, as such, was more than happy to help them, assuring them he was a fun Skeksis. However, he still believed Podlings to be a slave class, though he gradually warmed up to Hup. When alone with his urRu half, skekGra expressed despair over being half a soul and hoped that he and urGoh would rejoin should they die. While pleased to no longer be under skekSo the Emperor's authority, skekGra was still sensitive when reminded of his species and past.

History Edit

SkekGra was initially responsible for expanding the territorial boundaries of the Skeksis Empire through lies and direct conquest. During his travels, skekGra renounced his ways after both he and his urRu counterpart urGoh the Wanderer received a vision from Thra compelling them to promote urRu-Skeksis unity. SkekGra was then exiled to the Circle of the Suns in the Crystal Sea and branded a heretic for his pronouncements. During their exile, the two ate large amounts of urdrupe berries in order to glimpse into their future, and saw that a Gelfling would ultimately bring about the downfall of the Skeksis. The pair eventually found the Shard of the Division and forged the Dual Glaive around it, hoping that it may one day be wielded by a Gelfling destined to topple the Skeksis. They also created Lore, hiding him underneath the throne room of the Ha'rar royal palace in a chamber containing a message declaring the segregation between the Gelfling Clans as artificial.[1]

Age of Resistance Edit

When Lore returned with Brea, Rian, Deet, and Hup to the Circle of the Suns, skekGra jovially welcomed them and their "slave" Podling. SkekGra introduced urGoh, deactivated Lore, and then prepared and carried out a "surprise" theatrical performance for his guests, before finally explaining that he and urGoh hid the Dual Glaive in the Caves of Grot for the Gelfling to use against the Skeksis. As he prepared to send his guests off and made to shake Rian's hand, skekMal threw a knife into it, skekGra screaming with urGoh due to their identical injuries. SkekMal began his attack, and skekGra urged Brea to reactivate Lore so that it could be used to fend skekMal off. Although Brea was unable to do so, skekGra was saved when urVa the Archer arrived and drove skekMal away.[1]

SkekGra counselled Rian and Deet to retrieve the Glaive before attempting to free Brea, assuring him that he and urGoh would look after their "friend-slave" Hup, along with urVa, both of whom were injured by skekMal. He escorted them to the entrance to the Breath of Thra, a series of volcanic vents, that Deet could use to transport them. He reminded them that they were his and urGoh's best hope for reunification, and then sent them off.[2]

SkekGra continued to minister to urVa, who remained alive only because skekMal survived on Aughra's essence. SkekGra was not present when urVa took his own life.[3]

Behind the scenes Edit

According to Jeffrey Addiss, the idea behind skekGra was that a Skeksis would have been in the best position to reveal the true history of Thra to the heroes of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. He further elaborated that he and urGoh were based on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:[4]

We had a strong image of these two; they're trying to look into the future but they're not tapped into Thra, so the way they do that is by doing a large amount of drugs. So we thought of them as very much Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, except one was on uppers and the other was on downers.

Jeffrey Addiss[4]

References Edit

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