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The most recent map of Skarith, as featured in The Dark Crystal Adventure Game.

Skarith, also known as the Skarith Region or Skarith Land, was a vast landmass of Thra surrounded by the Silver Sea[1] and bisected by the Black River.[2] It was naturally divided into several regions which were named by Gelfling settlers.[1] Aside from the Gelfling, its sentient races included the Podlings and Arathim. During the Age of Division, most of Skarith was conquered by the Skeksis Empire. Since the reunification of the urSkeks, the Gelfling Nation has overtaken the land in place of the empire in the Age of Power.


Claw Mountains[]

A mountain range, that from afar, resembles three claws jutting out into the land.

Crystal Desert[]

Main article: Crystal Desert

A desert region enclosed in the Claw Mountains, inhabited by the Dousan Clan during the Age of Division.

Edge Mountains[]

Main article: Grot

A mountain range containing a vast network of caves which were the home of the Arathim during the Age of Harmony, but appropriated by the Grottan Clan during the Age of Division.

Empty Steppes[]

A large, hilly area leading downwards into the wilderness beyond from Grot.


A tall mountain located at the southernmost point of Skarith.

Endless Forest[]

Main article: Endless Forest

A vast forest which was the original homeland of the Podlings[3] and home to the Stonewood Clan during the Age of Division. It has several sub-regions, including the Burnt Wood, Talltrees, and Bleakwood.

Northern Mountains[]

Main article: Northern Mountains

A mountain range and location of Ha'rar, home of the Vapra Clan and capital of the Gelfling during the Age of Division. They include the Fjordlands and the Ha'rar Foothills.

Plains of the Castle[]

The centermost area of Skarith, where the Crystal of Truth has resided since the Age of Innocence.

Raunip's Spine[]

Named after the legendary son of Aughra, Raunip's Spine is a range of mountains separating the Crystal Desert and the Plains.

Shifting Pass[]

A rocky desert area connecting to the Spriton Plains through the Drylands.

Sifa Coast[]

Main article: Sifa Coast

A coastline containing Cera-Na, home port of the Sifa Clan.

Spriton Plains[]

Main article: Spriton Plains

A vast plain containing grasslands and a number of woodlands, including The Spriton Green, Kep, the Drylands, and Sami Thicket, home of the Spriton Clan.


Main article: Sog

A swampy area inhabited by the Drenchen Clan during the Age of Division. It is surrounded by the Wetlands and Marshlands.


An undiscovered portion of Skarith.



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