There is always a price to pay with the Sifa.

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The Sifa Clan ("SEE-fah")[2] was one of several Gelfling clans that existed on Thra before they were exterminated by order of the Skeksis. Found in coastal villages along the Silver Sea, they were skilled fisherman, sailors, but very superstitious. Cadia and Onica were members of this clan.

Sifa clan

The Sifa Clan during the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood

Explorers by nature, the Sifa were competent in battle. However, they truly excelled at survival, which they attributed to the magic charms they always carried with them. Rumour had it that one could drop a lone Sifa on a deserted rock in the middle of the ocean, and return a year later to find that he had not only survived, but built a home and started a family. According to skekNa the Slave Master, the essence of the Sifa aided in longevity.[3] They gathered in the port of Cera-Na and travelled in a clan ship called the Omerya, which was made of living coral. The Sifa were one of the only clans that welcome Gelfling of other clans into their society.

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