Maudra Seethi the Skin Painter was the leader of the Dousan Clan during the late Age of Division.

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When Seethi received a seventh of the Living Crown from a windsifter, she left the Crystal Desert and journeyed to Ha'rar, returning her piece and blessing All-Maudra Seladon's coronation. Seethi tried to dissuade Maudra Fara from acting "rashly" by challenging Seladon for the crown, urging patience, but Fara was unconvinced and insisted that she would lead them to victory, until Seladon interrupted and accepted Fara's challenge. Fara chose a Trial by Air, and although Seethi insisted that "tests and trials are the Skeksis ways, not Gelfling", Seladon and Fara proceeded. Later Seethi supplied that the last challenge had been issued 639 trine ago. Seethi then witnessed the disorderly confrontation between Seladon and Fara, abandoning the Trial by Air, and was shocked to see Seladon yank Fara out of the air as she hovered around angrily. Seladon then asked them if they stood by her, and although Seethi said this was not the Gelfling way, Seladon replied that "it is now", and so Seethi bowed.[2]

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