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Join me at Stone-in-the-Wood. Here we will make our stand, not as many, but as one.

SkekOk the Scroll Keeper

SkekOk during the battle

The Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood was an armed conflict between the Gelfling resistance and Skeksis following the collapse of the Alliance of the Crystal and the Stonewood Rebellion. The battle concluded with a Resistance victory and a severe blow to Skeksis morale, as it resulted in the first Skeksis deaths since the Great Division a thousand trine earlier. It also heralded the discovery of the Shard of the Division, the key to toppling the Skeksis Empire.


After Rian combined the two halves of the Dual Glaive, the fires of resistance were lit throughout Thra and carried his call for all Gelfling to join his forces at Stone-in-the-Wood.[1]

The Skeksis were armed with Garthic swords and wore skekTek's newly designed armor, though he himself was instructed to stay behind in order to complete the creation of the Garthim.[2]

The Gelfling forces were initially undermanned, consisting solely of Rian, Deet, Kylan and escaped prisoners from the Castle of the Crystal, including Fara and the surviving daughters of All-Maudra Mayrin.[2]

Not knowing if reinforcements would come, Rian challenged skekSo to a duel, but the Emperor, on advice from skekSil, ordered General skekVar to fight in his stead. Rian managed to stab the general with the Dual Glaive, draining him of the essence he had stolen from his victims and rendering him incapable of further combat.[2]

The Battle[]

Unable to accept the loss of his general, skekSo ordered all the Skeksis to attack, but they were disorientated when Deet, Brea, Seladon, and Fara flew overhead and dropped smoke bombs on them. Rian then led the charge and engaged the Skeksis in combat. The bombing lost momentum when skekOk fired his weapon and hit Fara.[2]

As the battle progressed in the Gelflings' favor, skekSil secretly retreated from the battle to kill his old rival skekVar. Meanwhile, skekMal entered the fray and took Rian captive, breaking the Dual Glaive in the process. SkekMal did not live long however, as his light half, urVa, took his own life, thus ending the Hunter's. Aughra emerged from his ashes and demanded that the Skeksis retreat. SkekSo refused and ordered a final charge, before being deterred by the newly-arrived forces of Maudras Ethri, Laesid, Mera, Argot and Seethi, Vaprans led by the Librarian, and the Arathim.[2]

Refusing to admit defeat, skekSo took his Scepter of Office and used it to unleash the power of the Darkening, killing several Gelfling and Arathim. Deet, infused with the power of the Sanctuary Tree, absorbed the discharges and launched them back onto the Skeksis, killing skekLach. The failure of the Darkening to achieve victory panicked the Skeksis, who immediately retreated.[2]

During the victory celebrations, Brea found the Shard of the Division within the broken remains of the Dual Glaive.[2]


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